At HeatsProductions, our passion is bringing your idea to life!

Our range of professional services include Photography, Video Production and Editing, although we are adaptable to fit the roles you desire! From Broadcast quality productions to home videos, we have a camera and a price to fit everyone's budget; all in HD or even in 4k, all professional, all competitively priced! So, what makes us different from the rest? For starters, creating your ideas is our passion. We do this as a living for a reason, we love bringing peoples ideas to life! Secondly? Our price! We're the most competitively priced business in Video Production, photography and editing in the south west. In the past we have had the pleasure of working with several well known local bands along with other performing acts, worked for the BBC, Now TV (Sky), Harley Davidson, Fremantle Media, taken promotional photographs for events, helped local teenagers to create their own film with help from the National Lottery, worked with charity's and even been inches away from an endangered white lion.

Please go to the Contact us page if you're interested in our Services, or alternatively go to the bottom of any page for our contact details! If you're unsure about using our services still then please take a look at our Testimonials or our latest showreel on the homepage. We can also provide crew hire for camera operation, various sound roles, directing and even scouting locations for your film or photo shoot.

About HeatsProductions

HeatsProductions was formed in July 2011; a multimedia name that produces a wide range of professional content at competitive rates like no other. One of the brands main policies is to never turn down a client; no project will be turned away without being thoroughly discussed and assessed with you by our team. You should always expect to have a sympathetic, understanding ear from anyone of our representatives who will help you develop your idea into a creative and unique product! We strongly believe you should expect to see all of this and more from a professional Video Production company. You'll see no less than this here!

HeatsProductions aims to produce both high quality corporate and promotional materials with ground breaking creative projects on however big or small the size of your budget! The company has several goals for the near future including producing a feature film, helping youths explore and show off their talents and creating strong ties with local businesses.

The company is steadily building up a reputation in the Swindon, Gloucester, Marlborough and Cirencester areas and is expanding throughout Gloucestershire and Wiltshire! If you'd like to be a part of this get in contact with us, tell us what your needs are and book now!

The dream team.

Liam Taylor

Manager, Director and Camera Operator:

Mia Taylor

Model, Creative Director, Camera Assistant

Liam Taylor was born in Swindon in 1991, his passion for multimedia started at a young age with a love of the popular sci-fi film Star Wars along with other sci-fis such as Alien.

He pursued his passion at college where he started a GCSE Media course, and a GCSE Photography course before moving up to doing a BTEC National Diploma in Media Production and produced a portfolio of content while on the course which can be seen on request. Following this Liam decided to start a business under the name of HeatsProductions to further pursue his passion of Video Production and photography along with other freelance work.

He then went to Swindon College to attain a HND (Higher National Diploma) in Interactive media, which allowed him to create this website and all the digital content you see.

He moved on to The University of Gloucestershire to attain a degree in Television production while working freelance for BT Sport, while doing so he made many connections that boosted his freelance career.

Liam has had a lot of experience working on different sets with many assorted crews and directors and has had just as much experience with editing which includes 3D special effects.

 Liam has a several qualifications, the most relevant to the business being: GCSE in Photography and Media, National BTEC in Media Production, HNC/HND (Equivalent to a Level 5 qualification) in Interactive Media as well as a diploma in Television Production to understand all angles of Video Production.

Mia is currently a full time model, helps out on productions and in particular helps provide that extra touch to physical products such as wedding books.