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Phoenix Festival organisers ask businesses to come forward to help raise final £20,000

BUSINESSES in Cirencester are being asked to get behind the town’s Phoenix Festival to help them raise another £20,000 for the event.
The free festival held in Cirencester’s Abbey Grounds has attracted visitors from far and wide and put the town on the musical map with local acts taking to the stage over a weekend over the last few summers.
Festival organiser Glen Moreman said that the team behind the weekend were extremely grateful for the support they had already received but were still shy of their target.
He said: “We are very grateful for all the support received so far and have just enough funds to go ahead but to be really successful the Festival needs a total of around £50,000.
“So it would be amazing if we can just raise another £20,000 to make The Phoenix the music event that Cirencester truly deserves.”
Volunteer festival funds coordinator Suzanne Ford added: “To date the Festival has received financial support from a number of grants, including the Arts Council, Winstone Charitable Trust and Cotswold AONB Conservation Board, as well as some local businesses, such as St James Place Foundation and The Marlborough Arms in Cirencester.

Above is a video from the 2014 festival, showing the highlights as recorded by Cirencester-based HeatsProductions.

“We are extremely grateful for their support as clearly without it there is no Festival at all but if anyone else feels they can help make this year as special, or even more special than last year, then please do get in touch.”
There are various funding options available from advertising on the main stage to sponsoring a barrel of beer.

For details of how to get involved with supporting the festival visit bit.ly/1BqSVce for a fundraising pack.

Public welcomed to University of Gloucestershire's state of the art Media Centre

An open day in the University of Gloucestershire's Media Centre has welcomed members of the public alongside staff and students to try its state of the art facilities. Visitors to the centre, in the university's Park Campus, caught a behind-the-scenes glimpse at film, television, radio, and popular music production.
The open day formed part of the institution's ongoing Festival Fortnight, which is showcasing the work of current and former students. Course leader for popular music Tom Soper said: "The event was really well received and we even had a gentleman attend on holiday from Germany who now wants to return next year and bring his daughters over for the experience.
"It was great to see people enjoy themselves and learn about how TV and radio shows, film shoots and music recordings are all put together, and get their hands-on too."
He added: "Prospective students and their families and friends are also very welcome to come to one of our formal open days in three weeks' time, on Saturday, June 27 and Tuesday, June 30, but do book soon."
Festival Fortnight continues until June 14 and upcoming events to watch out for include a 24-hour BioBlitz, taking place at the Park Campus on Friday in collaboration with Gloucestershire Wildlife and Cheltenham Science Festival. This weekend a series of fringe events will be held by creative writing students celebrating written word. And the School of Art and Design's Degree Show is ongoing until Friday, June 12.

Stephen Marston, vice-chancellor of the university said: "Festival Fortnight is a chance for the University to celebrate the achievements of our students, and to share that success with staff, prospective students, Gloucestershire's business community and local residents."
For more information on all of the Festival Fortnight activities, visit its website.


Interactive Media Students work with local Magician

Swindon College Year 1 students had the exciting opportunity recently to collaborate with local magician Bill Masters on a project for him. Bill, professional magician since 1995, originally contacted the college to see if the students were interested in helping him make his show reel and update his website.
Each student on the course has taken charge of a job depending on their specialty, but working to completely revamp the website to make it more consistent with Bill's other materials and integrate social media. They are also in the process of putting together a 5 minute show reel. Bill has visited the college for three filming shoots and clips from each will go into the finished show reel.

In an open discussion, students said: “We have all really enjoyed this experience. It’s been great working with Bill as a client, he’s a fantastic magician who’s engaging and friendly so filming his tricks has been a lot of fun. It’s been a hard project, which requires a lot of work but we have loved every minute.”
Bill Masters said: “It’s been great working with the students, and so interesting to see how it works behind the scenes. They have been very helpful and respectful. It’s still under development but I am very pleased with the results so far.”


HeatsProductions aim to Kickstart new film

HeatsProductions aim to Kickstart their new film " Slender Crucis " by crowdsourcing investments
Since the formation of HeatsProductions in 2011 we have gone from strength to strength and have worked with many local acts, the BBC and more! Now we need your help.
We now want to take our films to the next step and to show that we have enough talent to be one of the leading video content producers in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. We want to put our local village and the surrounding areas on the map as a serious place for creative film as the local film industry is fairly small and we want it to be renown for film!

Kickstarter funding

We have decided that the best way to achieve this is to crowdsource the funding via a website called Kickstarter that lets you donate towards the project (it's one of the most popular sites in its category to help projects like this to get off the ground). There are various rewards for donors, including credits in the film itself for helping get the word out!
If we don’t reach our goal via Kickstarter we will have to try our best without the correct costumes and props (which would damage the overall quality) or we can always try again. The initial funding and shares we've had show that the idea is a popular one. The only alternative to these is, of course, to give up which I don’t feel is an option. It’s difficult to fund films but we don't need much to get us started and to put these areas on the map!

What is Slender Crucis?

Liam Taylor, the manager of HeatsProductions (a two man film production business) will create Interactive videos (Over 150!) for online use (with potential for screenings).
My plan is to create an interactive short film whereby the viewer can chose the outcome. If they go the wrong way or take too long to choose an option, they die and must start again. Along the way they will find clues that will tell them they are going the right way, and can also go back the way they came. There will be a variety of scenes, some will be hard to find too, which allows for lots of hidden extras.
This may sound like a game, but it's not. I'm sure many of you who have found your way here would have heard of Slender Man and the rumours of him existing since the middle ages and before, originating from a forum. Well I plan to make this real, to give people a reason to visit this little area of the Cotswold's and to give you something to fear.
The tone will be dark, pitch black with moonlight if possible. There will be no gore, only an element of fear through noises and static, also through the appearance of Slender Man (which will involve some minor 3D work) So this is naturally a horror and it's first person (handheld). The reason I need funding? For props, I simply don't have enough money to buy props.
I own all the necessary equipment, and most actors have already signed up but I may need to hire a few more which I have made allowances for if I get the funding I need. This could be great for you, the audience, a chance to change what your outcome is, but in the end, will you have a choice? Help me to create this project, and you'll find out!
I am aiming to release this project to the public after a screening on Halloween this year if possible, it'll all be ready on youtube by midnight for public viewing.

Where will the money go?

£300 will be spent on props to improve the film (some of these may take some time to create)
£80 will go towards a website and a domain to promote the film
£100 will go towards hiring and accommodating an actor if needed (If not then this will pay for several screenings in the village it's filmed in instead! All backers will be invited!)
£20 will be used for food, travel costs etc
£40 (would be £50 but due to fees Kick Starter take off along with tax it is less) will be used as a contingency. This will hopefully ne unnecessary and will instead go towards paying for DVD's, t-shirts and other rewards after the filming (I will be using my own money for this too)

What do we have already?
Cameras - Canon XHA1 and a Canon 650D
Camera Accessories - A Shoulder Rig, Tripod, Camera Slider, Lighting equipment, other accessories and access to more if they should be needed
Location - A village called Ampney Crucis
Another business - Rubeun42production who shall be assisting with the 3D work

Who's behind this?
Liam Taylor was born in Swindon in 1991, his passion for multimedia started at a young age with a love of the popular sci-fi film Star Wars along with other sci-fis such as Alien.
He pursued his passion at college where he started a GCSE Media course, and a GCSE Photography course before moving up to doing a BTEC National Diploma in Media Production and produced a portfolio of content while on the course which can be seen on request. Following this Liam decided to start a business under the name of HeatsProductions to further pursue his passion of videography and photography along with other freelance work.

Now he has progressed forward in his career and attends Swindon College where he is taking a Higher National Diploma in Interactive Media. Liam has had a lot of experience working on different sets with many assorted crews and directors and has had just as much experience with editing which includes special effects.
He has also put forward work to festivals and won the Cheltenham Film Festival - Best Short Advertisement Category 2010. People he's worked with include Shane Warne, The BBC, Nokia, The National Lottery, Google Engage and many others.

We want your ideas, your input and for you to be excited about this production! It is as much your production as it is ours! All constructive comments and input is appreciated.

You can find out about the project at: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/412645037/slender-crucis or alternatively email us at: Heatsproductions@googlemail.com

Wiltshire band create music video with fan participation

The Punk, Indie Rock band from Marlborough, have just created a music video with ‘HeatsProductions’ using gig footage from the Bear Hotel in Marlborough with video footage of The Vooz and their “super” fans filmed before, after and during the event.

Through the success of touring the release of their new EP over the last 5 months, The Vooz decided to create a music video for one of the stand out tracks ‘Too Late’. The plan was to film live footage at The Bear Hotel in Marlborough in September, partly to support the release of their track ‘Too Late’, which was the first featured track on the Manchester City app ‘CityBeats’.
Through this the band had over 5,000 downloads and over 6,000 hits on YouTube, within the space of a few weeks. The app was also featured in The Guardian and on BBC radio 6.
The Vooz fuse punk rock and modern indie music and have been playing to enthusiastic crowds since they formed back in July 2009.The band are front man Lee Matthews, guitarist Robin Dymond, guitarist Scott Guarnieri, bass player Roger Hill and drummer Dan Tozer, all from Marlborough in Wiltshire.
Jamie Hill from The Ocelot magazine states: “The Vooz, led by the irrepressible Lee Matthews, one of the best local front men around, have been building a fan base with their amazing blend of indie and punk. These five boys have been winning over hearts and minds on the scene in Marlborough for a couple of years now”
At up and coming gigs fans can expect to hear a range of tracks including those from the new EP as well as favourites from the band’s back catalogue.
Front man Lee Matthews comments on the video creation process “We were really excited to create a video; we wanted to give something back to the fans who have supported us during our tour”.
They will also soon be playing at award winning festivals such as the Lechlade Festival along with new tracks being released by the label “Punkalicious”. They are steadily gaining an excellent local fan base and have also supported and played with the hugely popular 999 as well as the guitar virtuoso Nick Harper”
Thanks to Heatsproductions their first music video for their song “Too Late” is set to make some noise on the local scene, this is the band to watch out for!
Video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uj2YNEFViI
For more information please visit: http://www.thevooz.co.uk or www.facebook.com/thevooz


Fossils Brought Back To Life in Teenagers' Film

A JURASSIC Park-style animated film on Cotswold Water Park has been made by youngsters.
The Heritage Lottery Fund Young Roots programme gave £18,900 to fund the project, featuring what life would be like if fossils were still alive.
Swindon Underground Youth Club explored and researched the park's geology and palaeontology and worked with Cirencester College students from the BTEC film studies course to help film and edit the animation.
If Only They Were Still Alive features sweet ammonites and terrifying dinosaurs. Youngsters were also aided by palaeontologist Dr Neville Hollingworth, artists Dominic Thomas, Marcus Moore and Anna Bonallack and Swindon Museum and Art Gallery.
The water park trust's 'In Our Element' arts programme art consultant, Lesley Greene, said: "The continuing partnership between the trust and local teenagers is inspiring. I'd like to thank them for their energy and creativity, for making palaeontology fun, and for helping remind us that landscapes change." The project is continuing with other groups.
The film will be celebrated on October 7 at the water park's Gateway Centre.


Leading phone company call on Cirencester Media students!

Nokia designer Tim Geoghegan has used the digital creativity of Media Students at the College to create an interactive music area for smartphones. The prototype project involved audience research, devising interactivity,design and digital production skills.
Nokia are looking to appeal more effectively to people in the 17-25 age group who would like to use a phone based music service which is about finding gigs and sharing music with friends as well as simply downloading.
Tim who visited the college last month to set the brief, has today described all 5 projects as 'outstanding'. He gave the students an insight into all of the stages in the process including his specialism, user interface (UI) and then set the brief which is part of the BTEC Media course.
Tim was enthusiastic: 'The creativity and invention I have seen are fantastic. I can see that the students have learnt lots, but so have I. They have approached the project with both a fresh perspective and high level technical and design skills'
BTEC Media student Ben Collins found the project really helpful: 'Working with Nokia has given us a great chance to respond creatively to a brief and it was very helpful to get professional feedback'.
For more details please contact Andy Freedman on 01285 640994.