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Posted by Liam Taylor on Tuesday, May 23, 2017, In : 2017 Blog Posts 
Hello there!

So this month I edited the barn theatre in Cirencester's 'The Little Shop of Horrors' theatre show. I filmed two nights of the show and had to edit about 3 hours of footage together onto one DVD, compressing it onto one DVD was quite painful to say the least, as the quality goes down horribly, but ultimately what the client wants, the client gets! So I made it work as best I could. At first when testing the DVD I found the bass was too powerful so had to redo the audio to compensa...
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Posted by Liam Taylor on Friday, April 21, 2017, In : 2017 Blog Posts 
Hello there!

So this month I finished my 10 minute documentary version and its not available for public viewing unfortunately, however if you really want to see it let me know and I'll forward you a link privately. I also picked up some work for June and am writing this while I wait for a new Cirencester based theatre to start their new show "The Little Shop of Horrors", which I am filming and capturing audio for. I will then be making DVD's once edited from them so that's exciting and is enou...
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Testimonials, The Wyvern Theatre, Wiltshire Scouts, Swindon College and the Swindon Gang Show

Posted by Liam Taylor on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, In : 2012 Blog Posts 
We've just updated our Testimonials, we've got some great recommendations from international and local businesses/bands
Can you "afford to not engage in our excellent services?"

Just to keep you updated with what I'm doing, recently I went to the Wyvern Theatre to help out Swindon College with filming an event put on by the Wiltshire Scouts! It was a great performance. I don't think I'll be able to upload the footage though, but if possible I definitely will. The show was called "The Swin...

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