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New Ideas

Posted by Liam Taylor on Monday, November 7, 2011 Under: 2011 Blog Posts
Hey everyone,
Lately we've had a lot of clients inquire but then never reply, this is infuriating as they don't even tell us that they are no longer interested
So we've decided that we'll start producing videos for ourselves for a while rather than focusing on getting clients. We don't have any proper displays of our work or any advertisements and I'm thinking this could be a large cause of why people get put off. They are unsure if we can deliver. However I would like to reassure you we deliver and more! We almost always give free photography (Of which we have a large portfolio on our facebook www.facebook.com/heatsproductions) with any video thats arranged which saves you hundreds maybe even thousands of pounds on hiring a photographer.

Our set of advertisements are going to be quirky and informal. They'll have a familiar theme to them from a successful set of adverts in the US. We'll release more information once we start filming by the end of the week!

Thanks for reading!

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