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Posted by Liam Taylor on Monday, June 20, 2016 Under: 2016 Blog Posts

So this month I've done alot of music related work (my favourite!) and a lot of editing at CommunicateTV. I worked on a great promo for Honda's racing team that I was particularly pleased with! I also worked on Flogit! which was great, I really enjoyed running on another BBC show.

Then I also filmed and organised filming at Wychwood Festival. I was also at the same time part of the evening TV crew, which meant making a highlights reel as well as working on the following broadcasts:

I also filmed a band called Cotswold Clapton at their live concert, so I've got a highlights reel of Wychwood Festival and a two hour concert to edit yet! Interesting stuff, I also had some work with a local threatre company but unfortunately plans changed. Next up for me is a whole month at the Ministry of Sound which is going to be amazing!

Thanks for reading!

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