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Posted by Liam Taylor on Thursday, February 27, 2014 Under: 2014 Blog Posts

It seems the director most of those plays I mentioned last month, Chris Sivewright from ART (almost random theater) http://www.almostrandomtheatre.co.uk/ was happy with the last videos so now we have continued on to produce more videos. We recently used a village hall in Ampney Crucis as a studio space, its cost effective, easy to clean up and has a lot of natural light should it have been needed so was a perfect location for some interviews.

We will soon be working for the Swindon Council too making some videos in a production plant, showing the processes involved in a Solid Recovered Fuel Plant as well as working for UPS systems. A lot going on and still a number of projects to edit too.

On a personal note I have my interviews at the University of Gloucestershire for two courses soon and another thereafter. I am looking forward to it and hope this will open new doors for me, I've heard nothing but good things about the particular courses I am applying for.

Thanks for reading

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