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Underworld: Awakening

Kate Beckinsale returns for a fourth time to play the leather-clad vampires Selene in this, apparently, exciting sequel… Fans of the previous three installments will be expecting adrenaline-pumping action, a thrilling plot-line and plenty of gore. Unfortunately you’re looking in the wrong place.

This film starts off by leading you to believe that there’ll be plenty of brilliant fight scenes, both between the two common enemies – lycans and vampires – and a new enemy: the human race. You’d be right to think that... Kind of. The film haphazardly jolts between action scenes, as if we’re not supposed to empathise for – or at least ‘get to know’ the new characters Mårlind and Stein have thrown at us. The fight scenes themselves show a poor effort from the CGI team, with the werewolves looking especially bad this time around. Look ma, I can move like a robot!

The film isn’t just incredibly short (under an hour and a half long), it literally feels short, like it’s missing something essential. There’s no breathing room in-between the fight scenes, no time to learn more about the characters, and definitely no time to appreciate the plot-line which just about sits on the ‘okay’ line.

Perhaps this review’s been a little unfair to the credits of the film. A lot of the fight scenes were captivating and kept your attention, with Beckinsale’s acting remaining strong throughout. The way which they have finally brought humans into the story is something we expected, but definitely adds a twist to the otherwise overly familiar tale. It’s a shame that we don’t see Michael much in the film – but we can expect plenty of action from him in the sequel!

Overall this film’s a bit of a ‘filler’ in the Underworld series, and a bit of a waste of one at that. Nothing particularly notable happens – save for the plot twist which you should at least attempt to be shocked by. Not to say this is the worst sequel in the world, however. If you’re looking for a film to suit that title I’d thoroughly recommend Teen Wolf Too.

Overall I rate this film 2.5/5

Review by Jade Earley


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