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The Walking Dead – Season One

I will start of by saying, I have seen all of the three series at the point I am writing this review, so I might be slightly biased due to how detailed and heart wrenching this series can be. Every now and then, there comes along a movie or T.V show that might come out of a certain genre, but yet, is not confined to it. If I watch anything on T.V, it’s the walking dead (which can be seen on FX or it will be soon known as Fox) it has everything from; Drama, action and of course zombies!
There are a lot of post-apocalyptic scenario shows out there, but none quite portray the changes that you would see in a person than this T.V show.  
In this take on the apocalypse you can genuinely feel as if you’re there, watching the world rot and die. The military have lost against this contagion, everything has been abandoned, even hope. The exposition of the world could drag anyone in. (Including the 11 million that recently watched a season premier!)

This series is based on a comic book; however it deviates to an original story in the same world as the one Kirkman has built. One thing to be aware of is that both Kirkman and Darabont like to get you attached to the characters, before more than likely, they are killed. It will never be who you expect though, which brings emotional highs, and more often lows. However these emotional blows are essential, because more often than not something will happen to lift the spirits of the group and ergo yours which entices you. This is not to say there is one side to these characters that makes them purely good, and one that is purely evil. Often the decisions faced by the group and individuals are ones you feel you would not be able to make yourself, it tests your mortality. You find yourself questioning who the real monsters are.
The balance is perfect between a horror film, TV show and intelligent drama which you don’t often see.

As for the quality of the filming, I think it goes without saying that the locations used and Cinematography and beyond excellent. I am quite envious!
I have seen criticism against the shaky camera (but Cloverfield was a huge hit?) numerous plot holes (however these people need to bare in mind this is based on the comics, it is not the comics themselves) yet I disagree. There are no plot holes when you think of this as a T.V series, the shaky camera is completely appropriate too. Their use of sound is very subtle, they don't use soundtracks to give a distinct action packed series feel but instead use the noise of crickets and other ambient sounds to build atmosphere then use
Foley to build the scene.

Overall I cannot recommend this show enough; out of everything I have seen in recent years, this is the best T.V show out there! And often I feel it is better than most films too. (Also, look out for Tale Tells the walking dead game, which goes beyond any game I’ve ever played!)

I want to give this a better rating than I have already given it; the emotional side to everything to do with the walking dead is amazing, they really play on your emotions.

Overall I rate this 5/5

Review by Liam Taylor


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