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Review of Oblivion

To start I will say that this film is one of the most visually spectacular of this year that I have seen, its visual flair and elegance triumph mind bending probabilities of the future, standing next to the likes of Prometheus, Watchmen, Pandorum and Kosinski's amazingly epic TRON: Legacy, of course the soundtrack played a large part in setting the mood for Tron just like with Oblivion, building the pace well to exhilarating action scenes that are sporadic and effective without being over powering, enhancing the action and adding depth to some actors performances, which I do have to say, considering the impressive list of names, certain actors should of had more air time as to me it felt their parts were rushed.

The best way to describe this story without giving all the details away would be to say that it is set in a dystopian future, in the year 2077. The earth has been devastated by war with another species who destroyed the moon. Now what remains of humanity is extracting the most precious resource earth has, water, to move to a distant planet where the rest of humanity waits for the last two humans on earth. The aliens are stranded on earth and cause problems for the giant harvesters, the way this threat is combated is by artificial drones which the humans maintain and repair as a "good team" as they are called.
There are many questions asked, and mostly answered. Is the world what it seems? Where did the aliens come from and why are they attacking?

Tom Cruise as usual plays that character we know too well, Tom Cruise. However in a sci-fi epic such as this that's not necessarily a bad thing, to be honest his screen presence and natural charisma carries the film through some of its mood building parts. His character is a dreamer, looking for answers to his visions. Morgan Freeman is the main actor who I felt did not have enough screen time, he played the part well, however you can't help but feel (until the end) he did play the same character as in most of his films too. I have seen reviews criticising his part in the film, saying he was not able to influence anything in the film. However if it weren't for his character then Tom Cruise would have never discovered the truth. Olga Kurylenko's prolific profile is in my opinion not reflective of her acting ability, it is difficult to believe that her character has emotional investment due to her lack of expression. Although that is part of her character, she seemed too comfortable given where she is and even when things become more tense there is still a lack of emotion. Andrea Riseborough however has a much better performance although this maybe down to her having more screen time, she is convincing  as the secretive yet sad Victoria. She plays one of the most important parts, influencing time cruise to go beyond the barriers he is set to find out what many want him to know.

Overall, I would really recommend going to see this film in the cinema, the bigger the screen you can see it on, the more impressive it'll be. It really would not be the same on your TV, even on blu-ray! The appeal of this sci-fi epic alone through its spectacular visuals is reason enough, but combined with a creative almost completely original script, an immersive soundtrack and exhilarating action, you'll be engrossed in this world.

Overall, I give this 4.5/5

Reviewed by Liam Taylor


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