Jurassic World

Adequate World?
(Warning this review contains potential spoilers).

I think that would be the best title for this review. Its adequate, it did the job, it had a few thrills in, but most attempts at giving a thrill felt way too corny. At one point, there was a tag team between a few enemies in the story, this really ruined the suspension of disbelief (believing a fictional narrative maybe real for the moment you read or see it) for me this was never achieved simply because of how a character might be holding a flare and running away from something that should realistically be faster, and when cut to another shot and back, would suddenly be a lot further away. Then there is the many, many, many references to the old series, a few would have been appreciated but it started to feel this was being carried because of the previous success of the series. The narrative itself was not different in anyway whatsoever from any other Jurassic park film I'm afraid to say. Beyond this you weren't even able to enjoy the fantastic work that went into the film, with the original series, you were built up to a moment where you could see the dinosaurs and be awe inspired. However, to quote the film “Audiences are never interested in just dinosaurs anymore”, they took this idea to heart and it really ruined the experience with the pacing.

This film felt too kid friendly compared to its predecessors too, the blood that was present was too “clean”, and beyond a few people being eaten you never see anything graphic. I'm sure in a film where dinosaurs are meant to be untameable in this sense, you shouldn't tame the amount of gore either, especially compared to the originals!

There was a new concept introduced in the film, the best way to describe it would be cooperation between characters both real and, not. I enjoyed this concept but it became tiresome at the end of the film whereby I am sure their instincts would be telling them to do something else, even if they're genetically modified!

This is not to say, I didn't enjoy the film, I've focused on the negatives, but there were some positives. Chris Prats character came across great and had a great amount of screen time, but, for no fault of his own, his character never felt in danger, neither did those that spent most of the film being chased! It was incredibly predictable and, if you're being smashed in a glass orb (wasn't it exactly the same but with a jeep before?) you'd expect some cuts from all the glass! Even in the original film they were bruised and cut, these particular characters only got a little muddy!
I mentioned earlier you never really got to enjoy this “Theme Park” for being what it is, but there was a small sense of this between the too quickly paced story, particularly with the mosasaur there was a real sense of enjoyment from the characters and it was a well paced scene.

All in all, I'd call this a safe film, it was adequate and felt more like a taste to see if there was still a market for potential future films. There was no definitive ending and I was left feeling disappointed. I personally grew up to Jurassic Park and although it terrified me (yes, I was allowed to watch it!), it thrilled me! (I personally enjoyed all three).

Perhaps I am desensitized to it now, but this felt like a modern film intended for younger audiences and only a throwback to older films, not a film in its own right with its own outstanding qualities.

Overall, I'd give this 3/5.

Review by Liam Taylor


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