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Falling Skies – Series one

I don't watch many TV-series but this one caught my eye. The storyline was simple enough: a group of people trying to make ends meet in a post-apocalyptic world in the aftermath of alien invasion. Sounds pretty simple doesn't it? I was wrong.

The show will probably not change your viewing-habits, if you're like me you'll still be on the lookout for other shows to watch but the great care the creators took with this will show quickly as all the little details such as dust on a window shop having finger marks in it with ripped down posters along with very convincing backdrops. The characters are well-written and well-acted (although once or twice their acting can seem a little amateurish) they have emotions, soul and personality. They seem real rather than dolled up men with six packs or Barbie dolls running away from monsters of which only the monsters are covered in blood, instead they are gritty and dirty, they seem like they have been there for the several months into the invasion where the story starts. The story is paced well as the show rarely focuses on one element, for instance it switches between pure action and out of this world Sci-Fi a lot but doesn't make these scenes long winded as the show manages to find a good balance between these genres and often shows the nitty gritty side of having to find supplies in order to survive. The setting, mood and world is believable (as believable a post-apocalyptic world would be) and the atmosphere reaches a point of realism yet maintaining the fourth wall.

The aliens are charming and sound like the velociraptors from 'Jurassic Park' which would be expected as what we believe Dinosaurs sound like are often used for Aliens. They are also quite well done in terms of visuals they blend seamless into the world of chaos thanks to the before mentioned care by the creators, however the "Mechs" could have done with shadows around their edges to better blend them with the environment as they appear to be out of place since they look brand new.

We want to know more of them, yet the show keeps them distant until episode 3 when one Alien is captured, however you don't learn more until the last two episodes where you find out there maybe more of them than you originally thought! This is not one of those series that rely on cheap jokes, puns, mundane stereotypes and half-cooked morale choices but rather depicts a world not unlike your own: clever and natural.

Overall I rate this

Review by Liam Taylor


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