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What equipment should I use for my shoot?

Posted by Liam Taylor on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 Under: 2014 Blog Posts
That's a great question I recently answered. There is no right way to go about this, however you of course always need the basics. What we're using on our Video Production shoots lately which have been around Cirencester are:

A canon 650D (two if its a live event for example)

Tripod or two (a weifeng 100 is what we're using, but Manfrotto is also a good brand)

Shotgun mic or better yet if possible a clip on mic. Clip on's have the best audio quality for interviews, but sometimes a shotgun mic quite close to your subject suits too, however be aware of the allusive camera bug that exists in DSLR's when using shotgun mic's, easily covered with adobe audition though. (We're using a Azden SGM-DSLR shotgun mic)

A shoulder mount is also a good idea to have handy for any free hand shots you need or if you're filming a live event and things don't quite go to plan! They can come as cheap as £30, but they take getting used to if you don't have any weights on it, in which case holding it into your stomach is a good way to stabilize it.

Two lenses. What I use is a zoom lens (75mm-300mm) and a 35mm-70mm lens. This allows for full control over any situation, can't get close? Use the zoom lens.

6 batteries, battery grip, 3 32gb cards at least. You'll be covered for all your shoots this way, apart from festivals, you need a LOT of batteries and cards for festivals (speaking from experience!)

Advertise! One thing people forget, is that there will be a lot of people usually who don't know who you are, wear a t-shirt with your contact details on, or take a few business cards. Have something that allows people to know who you are and how to contact you on every shoot, in this business you never know where your next bit of work will be!

In video production, as with photography, you need to be prepared for anything because simply giving any excuse to a client is in itself, inexcusable. Some people say to always have multiple cameras in case you break one, however you must be using a pretty flimsy camera for this to happen! You always do a quick test before going on a shoot, make sure everything's working, everything's charged and there's space on your cards. So don't weigh yourself down (especially if you're on a solo shoot!) with an extra camera, just test if before you leave. You'd have to be considerably unlucky or careless for anything to happen to your camera while you're out shooting if you've tested it beforehand!

I hope this was useful to someone

Thanks for reading

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