After working locally I have been looking at the competition and decided that the best option for me is to go to higher education, its expensive but the experience and skills it will provide will be more than beneficial for this business.
Its a 2 year course with a possible third year depending on my final grade.
I am looking forward to this and using the skills I will gain to benefit the business. I will also gain more industry experience working with cameras and directing projects.
Considering I am only 20 years old I believe this is my best choice, along side this I will continue to run this business as I am still more qualified than most people of the same age in the same field as me and have more industry experience.
That may sound a little arrogant but what I've said only reflects the skills and the qualifications I have both in the real world and on paper. I am unsure how much time this course will take up, but either way there will be enough time to run this business.
A number of projects that were previously mentioned have recently been released (www.youtube.com/heatsfilms) and a number of planned projects may be started soon depending on free time
Big things are always happening here, if you want to be involved or want us involved in your project just email us at heatsproductions@googlemail.com

Thank you for reading