So this month I've been on holiday in Italy, had my birthday and yet still worked on a number of projects! I've ran on a music video which can be seen here https://genero.tv/watch-video/41864

And I worked on a shoot at Blade Motorcycles again, which is already half way through the edit. Also received this testimonial: “A big thank you to HeatsProductions for the great work in producing and editing our Regeneration film incredibly quickly. This has become a valuable resource for us which has been shared across our social media and elsewhere. Nice and professional look to it and love the choice of music, thanks Liam!”

- Meg Baker, Sustainability Engagement Manager, University of Gloucestershire

And this one: CommunicateTV have been using Liam regularly since October 2015 on various video editing projects for clients such as Honda, Barrettine, Improve international. Justhands-on.tv and GfA Elektromaten, amongst others. Liam is very easy to work with, providing an efficient, punctual and high quality editing service based here at our own editing facility. He is always willing to try new ideas and is often instrumental in suggesting solutions to client needs. We will certainly continue to use Liam and I would be very happy to recommend his services to other professional video companies.

- Dave Harris
Managing Director at CommunicateTV

Also this promo I edited for Honda was recently released by CommunicateTV

And just yesterday I had a meeting with EnergistUK who work with McDonalds and other major brands to discuss new videos I am creating for them. I start my last year of University on Wednesday too, then on Thursday and Friday I am filming for CommunicateTV for a conference in Swindon. Also still have the Clapton and Wychwood edits in progress as waiting for feedback for Wychwood and just trying to find time where I can for Clapton and they're being very understanding.

Thanks for reading!