This month has been a bit better than last! I was persistent with keeping contact with several people and one project came to fruition through this contact, persistence is key!

Below are links to photos from the above, I got to shoot some promo's for a local dealership, I was given access to the entire property and just did my own thing for the most part! Got some great showreel footage from this shoot and will shortly have the videos online

Promo and product shoot today, some initial technical issues but I quickly resolved them!

Posted by HeatsProductions on Tuesday, 8 September 2015
I also did a shoot with BT Sport and my footage was used in the highlights show on National Television. I've finally had some footage on National TV! My involvement with BT Sport has been great and its been an amazing opportunity, again, with this, persistence paid off! (Photo and footage linked below)

Filming the Cheltenham game vs Dover on Saturday for BT Sport, Cheltenham won 3-2. Footage seen from 3:20 onwards (mines the second half!)...

Posted by HeatsProductions on Monday, 14 September 2015

Here is a video I filmed at Wembley Stadium, I am however a little disappointed with the use of still images and the export quality, also none of my noddies or b-roll were used, however that's just me being a perfectionist! (if you couldn't tell from that, I didn't edit it haha!)

Otherwise, its back to University for me now and the updates from me might dry up a little. However I do have another project booked with the guys I filmed with above for November time, otherwise its a case of being persistent with any work I find in the mean time!

Thanks for reading