Hello there!

So this month has been relatively quite due to University. I am now working on several potential projects as part of that and have been dropped from one already which is the reality of this industry!

So I am making as my main time commitment and project about Medieval jousting. I can't say too much more than that though at this stage! And also looking to do a music video as another project. Further to that I am also planning to shoot a wedding at the end of the year too for which I have a meeting for later.

Cotswold Claptons footage is near completion now, only three segments to go! Still waiting for feedback on Wychwood (at this point three months later I hope its really detailed considering I keep being told it'll be with you soon).
Otherwise the only other thing planned is that near the end of the year I plan to make my new showreel to a song that I heard recently that is hilarious yet fitting. There's also a ton of new domains that link to this site and I maybe making a second website to advertise myself as a freelancer too.

Thanks for reading!