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Posted by Liam Taylor on Friday, November 7, 2014 Under: 2014 Blog Posts
Hello, a lot of my videos have gone live from over the last year (with many others still waiting for the go ahead) and are now all over the place on youtube which is pretty amazing that people value my work that much. Although some did do it without permission we've mutually worked around that rather than not allowing the band that did it to get more exposure with our footage seen here:

Got some footage floating around that I shot with Explain the Market too and with TurfTV.
Next I am doing 3D work for University, as part of a studio production we're doing about a musician and her live performance. An initial idea of mine can be seen here, but I hope to improve and expand on it, if I do say so myself, not bad for my second ever bit of truly 3D work

I've also edited most of the footage from Swindon Pride 2014 but am awaiting approval to let them go live and they include an interview with Marcus Collins.
Other than that, I am just expanding my skill base as ever! So if you know of anyone who needs a skilled video production expert around Cirencester that can now offer 3D work too or even anywhere in the UK, point them our way!

Thanks for reading!

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