Hello there!

So this month I edited the barn theatre in Cirencester's 'The Little Shop of Horrors' theatre show. I filmed two nights of the show and had to edit about 3 hours of footage together onto one DVD, compressing it onto one DVD was quite painful to say the least, as the quality goes down horribly, but ultimately what the client wants, the client gets! So I made it work as best I could. At first when testing the DVD I found the bass was too powerful so had to redo the audio to compensate for this.

Then moving on I've done more work with Ed Shepherd too, had interviews left right and centre and had to turn down low paying work with Sky News to film this years election too. Unfortunately a very real problem in this industry. So now I'm just doing my last University essay before moving on to do more work with Ed.

Anyways, thanks for reading!