This month I've done a variety of things. From filming a studio show to doing a free project for the University of Gloucestershire Sustainability team as well as returning to CommunicateTV to do some editing. I also took some photos of Cotswold Clapton who I am filming their debut show of at the beginning of June. Further to that, I am working on Flogit on the 26th in Worcester as well as more CommunicateTV work and possibly filming Lechlade festival too. Then the next week I will be filming Wychwood festival in Cheltenham as well. So I am particularly busy right now! Its great and I hope I keep getting this amount of work regularly!

The only other thing to mention is that its been a year since our Just Matthew music video now and its raked up over 9200 views so far! Great exposure for a great musician. I also have this documentary I recently finished, not allowed public viewing yet so its kept private and shown to only select audiences, including my blog peeps! Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading!