Wow, what an interesting month! I shot on an FS7 at staverton airfield and at Stonehenge the very next day! I made two great promos I am very proud of for Bladegroup and Harley Davidson, with our photos up on Harley Davidsons website too! Seen here: https://customkings.harley-davidson.com/en_GB?theBikeID=120

The videos are seen below:

I also shot a Druid Ceremony for the Stonehenge documentary where we potentially found more work to my surprise!
I also did some test shooting for a live studio show due to be filmed in April called 10 Seconds and now I'm concentrating on editing together the Stonehenge documentary. Great stuff and I can't wait for my next projects which are looking like two different music video shoots and a charity project. Can't wait!

Thanks for reading