As always, its been a busy month already!

I've been in the press twice seen here: http://www.wiltsglosstandard.co.uk/news/12977147.Phoenix_Festival_organisers_ask_businesses_to_come_forward_to_help_raise_final___20_000/

And here: http://www.gloucestershireecho.co.uk/Public-welcomed-University-Gloucestershire-s/story-26636865-detail/story.html

I've uploaded my drama here, its not currently available for public viewing however!

I've also finished my 4k music video, and its my best work yet I have to say! I am very happy with it and so is the client! He is going to upload it soon and hopefully it'll be popping up over a few places and very possibly on TV!
For the future however, I've finally got some personal time to have a holiday and I'm gladly going to take it! I've also got more All Golds to shoot and some other opportunities too

Thanks for reading!