Well this month I've been almost entirely focused on the Ministry of Sound work I am doing. However, I have also edited a promo for Wychwood festival and will continue to do so in August alongside Cotswold Claptons work. I am currently typing this at The Ministry of Sound while I have some free time! I'm working on some videos to promote what the Ministry considers to be the top 25 albums. Exciting stuff, I've also edited a video about a party in a glacier, some promo stuff for a Swedish DJ called Adam Beyer (including posters etc) and I filmed him at the Ministry of Sound's Club performing which was certainly a different experience for myself! I also created a trailer around a song, with several different versions with different timings. I've got several other projects potentially upcoming too which should all be fun and different. So far been a great experience in the Music Industry which is where I hope to continue to find Video Production work!

Anyways when I can I'll post some stuff up! I've also been doing a few Vlogs too of each day just to document my experiences. I'll put them up when my internet allows. Thanks for reading!