Happy new year! Sorry its been a while since I've posted, our editing computer has been in for repairs so I apologise to those who are waiting for their videos still, I have contacted you all individually to explain the situation. To those who's videos are late I am sending a free gift along with your video as an apology. The weather has delayed the computers repairs.

We have two projects planned for the moment, one has been in planning for a long time and will begin production once the snow has cleared up, the second one we're looking for funding. Its a huge project that we believe may go viral. We have briefly mentioned it before (Slender Crucis)

We also have some other things planned such as 20% off any purchase once the company advertising it has accepted to post it via their mobile app and due to little interest with the competition with the headphones we're also teaming up with a third party application to make it easier to enter with just three clicks 

Thanks for reading