This month has been a busy one! I've been to Spurs Stadium to film a corporate event about Grounds keepers in the Turf industry, that was interesting and presented a challenege whereby I filmed on three different brands of cameras (5 cameras in total) and used an audio mixer with only one assistant! I don't know how it came out all together but I know my cameras footage were great and I can't wait to see their edit.

This week I have been editing for CommunicateTV again, doing some of their older footage which involves reediting it and making sure its exported in HD as their originals were not.

Next week is very busy for me! On Monday I'm filming a promo for Blade group on behalf of Harley Davidson in a hanger at an airfield, hopefully on a Red but waiting for confirmation! Then the next day I am filming a documentary at Stonehenge which is exciting! Took a lot of coordination with English Heritage to get that sorted but it seems to be going okay! Then on Thursday I am at BT Sport headquarters learning more about the processes there and watching a Europa league game mixed live.

All interesting stuff! Great start to the year, hopefully it continues!

Thanks for reading