This month I have been quite busy editing more of The Phoenix Festival footage while also doing some corrections to sound in post production for an old client. Basically too much background noise at a trade show and I've edited out all I could for them, but I found in overlaying the original sound with less DB's it boasts the sound of the edited version making the audio much clearer.

Here are two playlists of videos I've edited for The Phoenix Festival which takes place in Cirencester at The Abbey Grounds:

If you'd like to know more about the phoenix festival, please visit their website http://www.phoenix-festival.co.uk/

I shall continue to edit more videos of the phoenix festival and next up will be Profound Poets, then Subslider with many more to go too. It is undecided at this time due to complications if we will be able to continue providing the massive amounts of free high quality content which we feel is a real shame as we have enjoyed doing so and this allowed the bands to have something for their efforts.

In other news I've also created a VT insert, for a show like The One Show with a documentary style to it too and next weekend I'll be filming the All Golds at The Prince of Wales Stadium in Cheltenham.

Thanks for reading!