Hello, It seems we have people stealing our content already. We take this as a compliment as the only reason you would steal content or ideas without asking for permission is because of its high quality or creativity.
In anycase we now also have someone else writing the odd film review or two for us, so keep an eye out when we launch that part of the website very shortly! Keep up to date with our forum where we have and will continue to post helpful tips to all the aspiring videographers and photographers out there
Heatsproductions Forum

Summer always seems to be the busiest time and hasn't left us with much time to update the website, however rest assured that all the aforementioned mentioned changes will be coming soon.
We also have a limited time offer going as mentioned on our facebook page www.facebook.com/heatsproductions
"For a limited time we have a special offer for businesses of any size local to the towns of: Cirencester, Gloucester, Cheltenham and Swindon
Until the end of August, if you make a booking with us, for just £35 you can get promotional photos and videos for your business!"
So take advantage while you can!

Thank you for reading