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Browsing Archive: January, 2012

Spend spend spend...

Posted by Liam Taylor on Monday, January 30, 2012, In : 2012 Blog Posts 
Hey everyone,

So we've now got hoodies for ourselves for when we're out shooting and our shoulder mount has arrived, its very good and very comfortable! Can't wait to put it to use!
We've also got ourselves another banner and a lawn sign which we'll take with us for when we're at grassy areas where we can put it into the ground

We're also looking into some financing, because theres only two more things we need to be fully kitted out and they are a bit out of our price range. Going to a meeting t...
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Some new updates

Posted by Liam Taylor on Thursday, January 19, 2012, In : 2012 Blog Posts 
We've got even more exciting things happening here! We're still waiting on the Wootton Bassett Rocks! Promotional project however there are 3 local short films we've been asked to be a part of. All 3 of which are in pre-production stages but we look forward to hopefully being a part of them.

We've also now got access to a cheap "Studio" area in our local village hall. We're able to book instantly with them the time needed and at a lower price than anyone else can offer (If we're at said event)...
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Posted by Liam Taylor on Sunday, January 15, 2012, In : 2012 Blog Posts 
We've invested in more equipment, we now have a shoulder mount for more stabilized pictures on the run, after our latest project we realised we need one! And said project is almost ready for public viewing. We're just waiting for permission to put it online!
However we can show you what we've done thus far if you request a link!

We've also got some other local projects planned, keep an eye on our blog for more info!
We'll reveal some new info about these by saying they are mostly projects aimed ...
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UK Film Industry

Posted by Liam Taylor on Thursday, January 12, 2012, In : 2012 Blog Posts 


So they want more "commercially successful pictures" like "Anvuahood" "Attack the block" "Inbetweeners" ...
God help what future generations will think of the UK film industry. I personal think the industry should be going the otherway, investing in Actual British films (That don't sterotype us as Chavs or sex deprived American influenced Teenage...
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Wootton Bassett Rocks! Promotion Project

Posted by Liam Taylor on Wednesday, January 4, 2012, In : 2012 Blog Posts 
We've acquired permission, all thats left to do is add the right information to text in the project, export it and upload it, which the last two will most likely take a whole day (Exporting and uploading are both time consuming as with any video)
So look out for another post within the next few days!

Thanks for reading!

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