I've been seeing a lot of films "converted" into 3D. Which is very distressing to see people spending money on this, so I thought I'd clarify a few things about 3D.
You simply can't convert a 2D film into a 3D film. It has to be filmed in 3D, what hollywood tend to do with these is include their logo as the 3D part of the film, you'll then notice only the occasional part that appears to be 3D and the only reason for this is because of some blurring and some movement of the image. This tends to be acheived using multiple layers (so cutting out the figure of someone and moving them forward slightly for instance) to give an illusion of 3D, but thats all 3D is, an illusion. However this illusion can only be achieved to its full potential when its filmed in 3D instead of being filmed in 2D.
If you see your favourite film released in 3D please do not buy it for the "3D effects" as you're wasting your money for false promises, sure still watch that film as I often go back and watch my old favourites such as Star Wars (which I can not tell you how disappointed I was in the lack of 3D in Star Wars episode one) but do not spend all that money on re-released "3D" films. If you're looking for something to watch, look for a locally produced film or just put on a classic!

Thanks for reading