Batman VS Superman
: Dawn of Justice

(Warning this review contains potential spoilers).

So before I begin, for full disclosure, my experience of watching this film was possibly tainted as I had a drunk person next to me shouting profanity as he didn't like Superman.

What disappointed me about the film more than anything was its story; the script writers did an awful job here as the story did not reflect the title at all. The film ended up being one of Snyders better films remade, i.e. Dawn of the Dead. What I mean by this is simple; people don't get along in a group and later rally together against a reanimated monster despite the lead up indicating that the monster would be someone else.

The film had me in a false sense of hope, as an avid computer gamer I have played a game that told this exact story in a much more compelling way called Injustice: Gods Among Us. In this, The Joker sets off a nuke in Metropolis, killing Louis Lane, and Superman rapidly becomes more extreme in solving crime to the point Batman quickly steps up to stop him.

Obviously the stories are very much alike, even to the point there was a dream sequence where Batman is warned from an alternate dimension about Superman (I presume by Cyborg). After this, the story completely changes to being about how Lex Luthor causes all the trouble instead of him being a part of it, this is where the story for me was ruined.

Lex Luthor was brilliantly portrayed and the musical score that accompanied him was just as fitting, however this complete change of pace that was not where the film was building up to just ruined it for me as it simply seemed lazy from that point onwards other than the small golden nuggets where the soundtrack carried the film. All of a sudden it seemed to be focused on how the greater fight than Batman VS Superman was building up. I even felt the actors were great (despite what others may be saying), it was just the script ultimately.

The story tried to be too much in one film, from the dream sequence of Batman in the future, it should have carried on from there, instead they completely ruined it by trying to set up the film to purposely spawn more sequels. Ultimately, I was left disappointed.

I'd give this 2 out of 5.

Review by Liam Taylor


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