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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

In all honesty I was skeptical about this film because of the title. However overall I was very impressed and was surprised by how quickly I was drawn into the story.

Having never read the book I had no clue what to except however due to the subtle insertion of historical events between the fantasy both in Lincoln's life and into his time as president I found it to be believable and the story plausible; there was a profound sense of respect for Lincoln and his accomplishments throughout the film. The cast and Directors did a very good job and a lot of effort was clearly put into the production of this film. Benjamin Walker portrays Lincoln very well, his acting was flawless and the determination that got Lincoln his presidency is present with Benjamin's strong acting skills and Dominic Cooper does just as well with Henry although he is not given as much of a chance to show it. They both really make the characters come to life as do all the extras!

This film contains a Great mix of fantasy and reality although if I didn't know better I would believe the events they show on screen actually happened because of their remarkable quality! If you know your American history you will not be disappointed by this film! The film is paced well and contains plenty of action to keep you interested. A lot of the scenes and cinematography are slightly repetitive at times but with the length the film is this is more than forgiveable and really bring you into the story.

I saw this film with my assistant and she agreed that its quality was amazing and story believable, also that we would see it again! If you don't mind a few scenes of vampires (not the twilight kind but real vampires with a unique twist that I won't spoil in this review) getting hacked, slashed, mauled and bashed to death in a wide variety of ways, you'll definitely love this film!

Overall I rate this film

Review by Liam Taylor


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